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In the Estimation of Sulphur by Carius Method, 0.468 G of an Organic Sulphur Compound Afforded 0.668 G of Barium Sulphate. Find Out the Percentage of Sulphur in the Given Compound. - Chemistry

In the estimation of sulphur by Carius method, 0.468 g of an organic sulphur compound afforded 0.668 g of barium sulphate. Find out the percentage of sulphur in the given compound.

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Solution 1

Total mass of organic compound = 0.468 g [Given]

Mass of barium sulphate formed = 0.668 g [Given]

1 mol of BaSO4 = 233 g of BaSO4 = 32 g of sulphur

Thus, 0.668 g of BaSO4 contains  `(32xx0.668)/233` g of sulphur = 0.0917 g of sulphur

Therefore, percentage of sulphur = `0.0197/0.468 xx 100 =  19.59 %`

Hence, the percentage of sulphur in the given compound is 19.59 %

Solution 2

Mass of the compound = 0.468 g

Mass of barium sulphate= 0.668 g

Percentage of sulphur = `32/233 xx "Mass of barium sulphate"/"Mass of compound" xx 100`

= `32/233 xx (0.668 g)/(0.468 g) xx 100 = 19.60 %`

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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 12 Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Q 35 | Page 364
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