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In Each of the Following Situations, Identify the Minority. Write One Reason Why You Think It is Important to Respect the Views of the Minority in Each of These Situations. - Social Science

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Short Note

In each of the following situations, identify the minority. Write one reason why you think it is important to respect the views of the minority in each of these situations.
(a) In a school with 30 teachers, 20 of them are male.
(b) In a city, 5 per cent of the population are Buddhists.
(c) In a factory mess for all employees, 80 per cent are vegetarians.
(d) In a class of 50 students, 40 belong to more well-off families.

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(a) Minority: 10 female teachers. Our society is pre-dominantly patriarchal, meaning male-dominated. The 10 female teachers must be allowed space to voice their opinion so that their efforts at teaching are not hindered by their minority status.
(b) Minority: Buddhist population. Every culture has its own unique traditions and principles. The Buddhist population in a city must not be forced to follow the dominant religion of that city but must be respected for its exclusiveness.
(c) Minority: 20% non-vegetarians. The factory mess must make provisions for meat for non-vegetarian workers since it is an integral part of their diet and must not be avoided just because they are a minority.
(d) Minority: 10 students not belonging to well-off families. This is one reason why most schools make it compulsory for students to wear uniforms, because of which the class distinctions amongst children are avoided. The well-off students should be warned against harassing their poorer counterparts.

Concept: The Indian Constitution
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NCERT Class 8 Social Science - Social and Political Life 3
Chapter 1 The Indian Constitution
Exercise | Q 4 | Page 16
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