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In a Cross Between Two Tall Pea Plants Some of the Offsprings Produced Were Dwarf. Show with the Help of Punett Square How this is Possible. - Biology

In a cross between two tall pea plants some of the offsprings produced were dwarf. Show with the help of Punett square how this is possible.

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In a cross between two phenotypically tall plants, some of the progeny may turn out to be phenotypically dwarf. It means that both parents are heterozygous (Tt). The cross is demonstrated below by a Punnett Square.

Genotype of Parents = Tt.

Genotypic ratios of progeny after F1 cross= TT, Tt, Tt, tt.

Phenotypic ratios= 1 TT+ 2 Tt: 1 tt or 3 Tall: 1 dwarf

Case 1: Both parents hetrozygous

Concept: Elementary Idea of Polygenic Inheritance
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