In Clean Air, the Human Lung Capacity Will Increase for the First 20 Years of Life Which of the Following Would Best Fit B? - English Language


In the following question, three of four sentences, A, B, C, D as the case may be form a meaningful paragraph/flow of thought. One of the sentences is missing shown as ________ You have to find out from (A), (B), (C), or (D) which sentence would best fit the missing part.

  1. In clean air, the human lung capacity will increase for the first 20 years of life
  2. _____________________
  3. But in the areas with heavy air pollution, the lung capacity growth is slowed.
  4. Breathing high levels of sulphur and nitrogen oxides lessens the growth of lung capacity.

Which of the following would best fit B?


  • The rate of increase gets slowed down after that

  • The rate of growth of lung capacity suddenly stops

  • The lung capacity does not increase elsewhere

  • Then it begins to decrease slowly



Then it begins to decrease slowly
Due to noun pronoun pairing and the introduction of contrast, option Then it begins to decrease slowly suits the best.

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