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In The Circuit Shown in Figure Would Any of the Bulbs Glow When the Switch is in the ‘Off’ Position?What Will Be the Order in Which the Bulbs A, B and C Will Glow When the Switch is Moved to the ‘On’ Position? - Science

In the circuit shown in figure

1) Would any of the bulbs glow when the switch is in the ‘OFF’ position?

2) What will be the order in which the bulbs A, B and C will glow when the switch is moved to the ‘ON’ position?

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1) No.

When the switch is in ‘OFF’ position, the current does not flow through the circuit. Hence, none of the bulbs will glow.

2) Bulbs will glow simultaneously.

When the switch is moved to the ‘ON’ position, then all the bulbs will glow at once. This is because they all are connected to the same battery and switch.

Concept: Symbols and Functions of Various Components of an Electric Circuits
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NCERT Class 7 Science
Chapter 14 Electric Current and Its Effects
Q 13 | Page 172
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