In Certain Reactions a Change of Smell is Observed. Give Two Examples from Daily Life of the Same. - Chemistry

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Short Note

In certain reactions a change of smell is observed. Give two examples from daily life of the same.

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In certain chemical reactions – a change of smell is seen to be observed.

  1. A fresh egg gets spoiled and turns into a rotten egg, or fresh food on keeping for a long time gets spoiled. Thus a chemical change may have undergone, which many result in a change in odour [foul smell maybe Evolved].
  2. A piece of fresh bread is kept in the open for a few days. A foul smell maybe observed along with growth of fungus, after keeping the bread for a prolonged time.
Concept: Concept of Language of Chemistry
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 7 New Simplified Middle School Chemistry
Chapter 5 Language of Chemistry
Exercise | Q 6
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