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In a Callender'S Compensated Constant Pressure Air Thermometer, the Volume of the Bulb is 1800 Cc. - Physics

Answer in Brief

In a Callender's compensated  constant pressure air thermometer, the volume of the bulb is 1800 cc. When the bulb is kept immersed in a vessel, 200 cc of mercury has to be poured out. Calculate the temperature of the vessel.

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Volume of the bulb in a Callender's compensated constant pressure air thermometer, (V) =
1800 cc
Volume of mercury that has to be poured out, V' = 200 cc
Temperature of ice bath, To = 273.15 K
​So the temperature of the vessel(T') is given by:

\[T' = \frac{V}{V - V'} \times T_0 \]

\[ \Rightarrow T' = \frac{1800}{1600} \times 273 . 15 K\]

\[ \Rightarrow T' = 307 . 293\]

\[ \Rightarrow T' \simeq 307 K\]

Therefore, the temperature of the vessel is 307 K.

Concept: Measurement of Temperature
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 1 Heat and Temperature
Q 7 | Page 12
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