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In the Below Fig., Name the Following: - Mathematics

Answer in Brief

In the below fig., name the following: 


(i) five line segments.
(ii) Five rays.
(iii) Four collinear points.
(iv) Two pairs of non-intersecting line segments.

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(i) A line segment is a part of line defined by two end points. So in the given figure 7.17, five line segments are:

(1) AC

(2) CD

(3) AP

(4) PQ

(5) RS

(ii) A ray is the part of line with one end point and one end which can be extended. So in the given figure 7.17, five rays are:

(1) Ray RB

(2) Ray RS

(3) Ray PQ

(4) Ray DS

(5) Ray AB

(iii) Collinear points are the points which are present on the same line. In the present figure 7.17, there are two sets of four collinear points.

(1) A, P, R, B 

(2) C, D, Q, S

(iv) In the given figure 7.17, two pairs of non intersecting line segments are:

(1) AB and CS

(2) AC and PQ

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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 9 Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
Exercise 9.1 | Q 5 | Page 8
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