In δ Abc, ∠B = 35°, ∠C = 65° and the Bisector of ∠Bac Meets Bc in P. Arrange Ap, Bp and Cp in Descending Order. - Mathematics

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Answer in Brief

In Δ ABC, ∠B = 35°, ∠C = 65° and the bisector of ∠BAC meets BC in P. Arrange AP, BP and CP in descending order.

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It is given that

∠B = 35°

∠C = 65°

AP is the bisector of ∠CAB

We have to arrangeAP, BPand CPin descending order.

In  ΔACP we have

∠ACP = 65°

∠CAP = 40°(As AP is the bisector of ∠CAB

So  AP > CP (Sides in front or greater angle will be greater)              ........(1)

In  ΔABP we have

∠BAP = 40°(As AP is the bisector of ∠CAB)



So  BP > AP                ..........(2)


From (1) & (2) we have

 BP > AP > CP

Concept: Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 12 Congruent Triangles
Exercise 12.6 | Q 5 | Page 81

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