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In a Test, a Candidate Secured 336 Marks Out of Maximum Marks X. If the Maximum Marks X Had Been Converted into 400 Marks, He Would Have Secured 192 Marks. What Was the Maximum Marks of the Test? - Mathematics


In a test, a candidate secured 336 marks out of maximum marks x. If the maximum marks x had been converted into 400 marks, he would have secured 192 marks. What was the maximum marks of the test?


  • 700

  • 750

  • 500

  • 650

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Explanation :

∵ Percentage of marks scored by the candidates

= `192/400xx100`% = 48%

∴ 48% of x = 336

⇒ x = `(336xx100)/48=700`

Concept: Percentage, Discount and Partnership (Entrance Exam)
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