In a Factory, 60% of the Workers Are Above 30 Yr and of These 75 % Are Males and the Rest Are Females. If There Are 1350 Male Workers Above 30 Yr, the Total Number of Workers in the Factory is - Mathematics


In a factory, 60% of the workers are above 30 yr and of these 75 % are males and the rest are females. If there are 1350 male workers above 30 yr, the total number of workers in the factory is


  • 3000

  • 2000

  • 1800

  • 1500



Explanation :
Let the total number of workers be x.

∴ x `xx60/100xx75/100=1350`

⇒ x `=(1350xx100xx100)/(60xx75)=3000`

Concept: Percentage, Discount and Partnership (Entrance Exam)
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