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In a Double Displacement Reaction Such as the Reaction Between Sodium Sulphate Solution and Barium Chloride Solution: (A) Exchange of Atoms Takes Place (B) Exchange of Ions Takes Place - Science



Choose the correct option from given alternative: 
In a double displacement reaction such as the reaction between sodium sulphate solution and barium chloride solution:
(A) exchange of atoms takes place
(B) exchange of ions takes place
(C) a precipitate is produced
(D) an insoluble salt is produced


  • (B) and (D)

  • (A) and (C)

  • only (B)

  • (B), (C) and (D)


\[\ce{\underset{\text{Sodium sulphate}}{Na2SO4(aq)}+\underset{\text{Barium Chloride}}{BaCl2(aq)}->\underset{\text{Barium Sulphate}}{BaSO4(s)}+\underset{\text{Sodium Chloride}}{2NaCl(aq)}}\]

The white precipitate of BaSO4 is formed by the reaction of `"SO"_4^(2-)` and Ba2+.

Hence, the correct answer is the (B), (C), and (D).

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