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In a Card Party, Six Friends Are Playing a Game of Card. Lela is Facing Leena Who is Sitting to the Left of Shreya and to the Right of Ritu. - Logical Reasoning


In a card party, six friends are playing a game of card. Lela is facing Leena who is sitting to the left of Shreya and to the right of Ritu. Shreya is sitting to the left of Arya. Megha is sitting to the left of Ritu. If Arya exchanges her seat with Megha and Ritu exchanges with Leena, who will be sitting to the left of Arya?


  • Shreya

  • Lela

  • Megha

  • Leena

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Sitting arrangement of 6 friends in a circle is like this

sitting position after exchange:

So, after exchange, left of Arya is Lela.

Concept: Ranking (Entrance Exam)
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