In a Car Exhibition, Seven Cars of Seven Different Companies Viz. Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford, and Fargo Were Displayed in a Row, - Logical Reasoning


In a car exhibition, seven cars of seven different companies viz. Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford, and Fargo were displayed in a row, facing east such that:
A. Cadillac car was to the immediate right of Fargo.
B. Fargo was fourth to the right of Fiat.
C. Maruti car was between Ambassador and Bedford.
D. Fiat, which was third to the left of Ambassador car, was at one of the ends.

Which of the following was the correct position of the Mercedes? 


  • Immediate right of Cadillac

  • Immediate left of Bedford 

  • Between Bedford and Fargo 

  • Fourth to the right of Maruti 



Immediate right of Cadillac

Concept: Ranking (Entrance Exam)
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If B secures 8 marks more than C then how many marks did C secure?

Which word/number is third to right of fifth element from right end in step 6?

What is the difference in the numbers which are fourth from left end and third from right end in step 8?

Mamta’s rank is 21st from the top and 15th from the bottom in the class. How many students are there in the class?

In a queue of children, Arun is fifth from the left and Suresh is sixth from the right. When they interchange their places among themselves, Arun becomes thirteenth from the left. Then, what will be Suresh's position from the right?

Amongst five friends A, B, C, D, E, each got different marks in the examination. A scored more than B but less than C. C scored 65 marks. D scored less marks than only E. The one who scored the minimum marks scored 60 marks and the one who scored the highest scored 80 marks.

Who is the most likely to have scored 62 marks?

How many pairs of alternate numbers have a difference of 2 in the given series?
6 4 1 2 2 8 7 4 2 1 5 3 8 6 2 1 7 1 4 1 3 2 8 6

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1 9 2 6 5 9 3 8 3 9 3 2 5 9 2 9 3 4 8 2 6 9 8

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517  325  639  841  792

What will be the first digit of the second-highest number after the positions of only the second and the third digits within each number are interchanged?

Study the following five numbers and answer the question given below. 
517  325  639  841  792

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Eight houses A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are in two rows with four houses in each row. The houses in one row face the houses in the other.

  1. C is facing F.
  2. G and A are diagonally opposite.
  3. E is facing H, but is not in the same row as that of A.
  4. His between D and C.

Which house is B facing?

ln a row of boys, Karun is 5th from the left and Panth is 6th from right. When they exchange their position, Karun becomes 13th from the left. What is the new position of Panth from the right?

In the morning prayer of a school, Chanchal was 8th from the front, while Prince was 11th from the back in the same row. lf they swap their positions, Chanchal becomes 22nd from the front. What is the number of students in the row?

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Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a straight row. Some of them are facing north and some are facing south. Who is sitting in the middle of the row?

  • Only one person is sitting between C and A
  • Only one person is sitting to the left of A
  • No one is sitting to the right of B. B is not an immediate neighbour of A.
  • C and A are immediate neighbours of E and they are facing opposite directions. 

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Answer the following questions based on the arrangement given below:

Y W @ 1 & C N 3 P L B 9 - = D H E 2 £ M V $ 7 # 4 F G 5 

If (A) denotes the number of symbol immediately preceded by a number, (B) denotes the number of letters immediately a followed by symbol and (C) denotes the number of letters either not immediately followed by a number or not immediately preceded by a letter, then which of the following is the ascending order of the numbers denoted by (A), (B) and (C)?


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