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Write the Important Structural and Functional Differences Between DNA and RNA. - Chemistry

Write the important structural and functional differences between DNA and RNA.

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The structural differences between DNA and RNA are as follows:

The sugar moiety in DNA molecules is β-D-2 deoxyribose. The sugar moiety in RNA molecules is β-D-ribose.
DNA contains thymine (T). It does not contain uracil (U). RNA contains uracil (U). It does not contain thymine (T).
The helical structure of DNA is double-stranded The helical structure of RNA is single-stranded

The functional differences between DNA and RNA are as follows:-

DNA is the chemical basis of heredity. RNA is not responsible for heredity
DNA molecules do not synthesise proteins, but transfer coded message for the synthesis of proteins in the cells. Proteins are synthesised by RNA molecules in the cells.
Concept: Nucleic Acids - Chemical Composition of Nucleic Acids
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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 14 Biomolecules
Q 24 | Page 423
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