Solution - Important Carbon Compounds - Ethanoic Acid (Acetic acid)



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ConceptImportant Carbon Compounds - Ethanoic Acid (Acetic acid)  


In an experiment to study the properties of ethanoic acid, a student takes about 3 mL of ethanoic acid in a dry test tube. He adds an equal amount of distilled water to it and shakes the test tube well. After some time he is likely to observe that

(A) a colloid is formed in the test tube.

(B) the ethanoic acid dissolves readily in water.

(C) the solution becomes light orange.

(D) water floats over the surface of ethanoic acid.


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For preparing soap in the laboratory we require an oil and a base. Which of the following combinations of an oil and a base would be best suited for the preparation of soap?

(a) Castor oil and calcium hydroxide

(b) Turpentine oil and sodium hydroxide

(c) Castor oil and sodium hydroxide

(d) Mustard oil and calcium hydroxide

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Ethanoic acid has a .................... odour.
(a) Rotten eggs
(b) Pungent
(c) Vinegar-like
(d) Mild

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What are esters ?

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In order to study saponification reaction, we first prepare 20% solution of sodium hydroxide. If we record the temperature of this solution just after adding sodium hydroxide flakes to water and also test its nature using litmus, it may be concluded that the process of making this solution is

(A) exothermic and the solution is alkaline

(B) endothermic and the solution is alkaline

(C) endothermic and the solution is acidic

(D) exothermic and the solution is acidic

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Consider the following comments about saponification reactions:

I. Heat is evolved in these reactions.

II. For quick precipitation of soap, sodium chloride is added to the reaction mixtures.

III. Saponification reactions are a special kind of neutralisation reactions.

IV. Soaps are basic salts of long-chain fatty acids.

The correct comments are

(a) I, II and III

(b) II, III and IV

(c) I, II and IV

(d) Only I and IV

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Solution for concept: Important Carbon Compounds - Ethanoic Acid (Acetic acid). For the course 8th-10th CBSE