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Imagine Yourself to Be a Worker Working in a Chemical Factory - Social Science

Short Note

Imagine yourself to be a worker working in a chemical factory, which has received orders from the government to move to a different site 100 kms away from the present location. Write about how your life would change? Read out your response in the classroom.

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I'am a worker of chemical factory. the business of our factory in going well the products which we made all like them and also help full for them. but a few days before we have a letter from government they want that we move to another place which is 100 km away from this factory.government write in there notice that the chemical which we made they effect the species which lived near to the factory and the waste of factory is going in river they effect the people life because the water which is used by them our factory chemical is mixed on it so they can not drink or use in other work. government want that we move to another place which is far away from species and no animal or human being effected by our factory chemicals. so we have to go this effects our life as the time taken by the factory to settle is too long so now we are unemployed and we can not do anything for our family this is hope that the factory settle soon and we started our work and make our family happy.

Concept: Enforcement of Safety Laws
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NCERT Class 8 Social Science - Social and Political Life 3
Chapter 10 Law and Social Justice
Exercise | Q 6 | Page 131
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