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Imagine that Ozymandias Comes Back to Life and as He Sees the Condition of His Statue, Realisation Dawns on Him and He Pens His Thoughts in a Diary. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Imagine that Ozymandias comes back to life and as he sees the condition of his statue, realisation dawns on him and he pens his thoughts in a diary. As Ozymandias, make this diary entry in about 150 words. You could begin like this: I thought I was the mightiest of all but…

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I thought I was the mightiest of all but I feel sad to see the condition of my statue, lying in dust It grieves me to see the statue broken and the head cut off from the body. The face is half sunken in the sand. Around it nothing can be seen except vast stretches of bare sand. No one is there to admire and praise it. I once thought myself to be the greatest ruler and the people honoured me. The people should look at it and should know that nothing can be changed. The sculptors who had noted my expressions in my statue cannot make r.ight what has been destroyed. It teaches me a lesson that everything comes to an end and nothing remains forever. So one should not be proud of oneself.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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