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Illustrate with Example, the Difference Between a Double Salt and a Co-ordination Compound - Chemistry

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Illustrate with example, the difference between a double salt and a co-ordination compound

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Double salt Complex compound
They contain two simple salt in equimolar proportion. They contain a complex of salt which may or may not be in equimolar proportion.
In aqueous solution, they dissociate completely into ions. In aqueous solution complex ion does not dissociation into ions.
They are ionic compound and contain ionic bonds. They may or may not be ionic complex part always contains coordinate bonds.
Properties of the salt is same as its constituent compounds. The properties of the compound are different from its constituents due to complex formation.

Example : Potash alum

Example : Potassium hexachloroplatinate (IV)
K2[ PtCl6 ].
Concept: Coordination Compounds - Introduction
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