Illustrate any ‘three’ genes which can be used in gene therapy. - Biology

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Illustrate any ‘three’ genes which can be used in gene therapy.

Enlist the genes used in gene therapy.



Some examples of genes that can be used in gene therapy:

  1. Tissue growth factor-beta (TGF-β): It promotes new blood vessels and epidermal growth. It is useful in wound healing and the treatment of burns.
  2. Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA): It is used to prevent or reverse blood clots.
  3. Human blood clotting factor VIII: It is used to aid in the clotting of blood and to treat patients suffering from haemophilia.
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Genetically engineered human insulin is obtained by inserting the gene in ______________.

Give the importance/significance of transgenic animals.

What is the use of tissue plasminogen activator?

What is biotechnology?

Mention some food items prepared with the help of microbes around the world.

Column A Column B
1 Koji a Yeast
2 Gari b Japan
3 Temph c Fermentation
4 Vinegar d Indonesia
5 Baking e Africa

______ and ______ are obtained in breweries.

Forensic science has helped in arresting dangerous ______.

Biotechnology is the marriage of ______ with ______.

Biotechnology has enabled production of

The Aryans made ______ as offering to God.

Vaccines are

Vinegar is actually

Expand the following acronym which is used in the field of protechnology.


What is a vaccine?

Which Recombinant proteins is obtained for Hepatitis-B by r-DNA technology.

The disease related with the synthesis of insulin is ____________.

Bacterias that can be used as manure.

Earlier insulin was being collected from the pancreas of horses.

Malaria is caused due to genetic disorder taking place in liver cells.

Pseudomonas bacteria can separate the hydrocarbon and oil pollutants from soil and water.

Match the following.

Living organism Substance that absorbs
1) Pseudomonas a) Radiations
2) Pteris vittata b) Hydrocarbons
  c) Arsenic
  d) Uranium




DNA fingerprint

Explain vaccination.

Define genetically modified crops. Give two examples.

What will happen, if we eat transgenic potatoes?

Write the things in day-to-day life made by biotechnology.

Complete the following chart.

Sr. No. Plants Functions
1 Pteris vitata _______________
2 Pseudomonas _______________
3 _______________ To absorb uranium and arsenic.
4 _______________ To absorb the radiations from radioactive debris.
5 Indian mustard _______________

  1. What does the following figure relate to?
  2. Briefly describe each of these steps.

How can we solve many environmental problems using modern biotechnology?

Complete the concept paper based on ‘Use of Biotechnology in Human Health’.

You are working in a biotechnology lab with a becterium namely E.coli. How will you cut the nucleotide sequence? explain it.

Mention the application of Biotechnology.

The Cry gene present in which of the following bacteria produces a protein that forms crystalline inclusions in bacterial spores?

Bt toxin activity has been observed against many species of insects within the orders of ______

Which of the following is responsible for the activation of protoxin to active Bt toxin of the Bacillus thuringiensis in boll worm?

Which of the following components are used for improving fish quality?

Give the useful application of the following transgenics.

Golden Rice

Explain any four ways in which such animals can be beneficial for humans.

Write the correct co-relation:

Insulin : diabetes : : Interferon : ______.

The first human hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology is ______ .

Which one of the following is correct statement?

Which of the following statement regarding the structure of proinsulin and mature insulin are not correct?

  1. Proinsulin is made up of three polypeptide chains - A, B and C.
  2. The C-polypeptide chain with 33 amino acids is removed prior to insulin formation.
  3. Mature insulin is made up of 51 amino acids arranged in two polypeptide chains - A and B.
  4. Polypeptide chain A has 30 amino acids and chain B has 21 amino acids.
  5. Polypeptide chains A and B are interconnected by one S-S linkage.

Choose the correct option. 

Out of the following, which is a genetically engineered antiviral protein?

In gel electrophoresis, separated DNA fragments can be visualised with the help of ______.

Which of the following statements is not correct?

Which genes have been introduced in transgenic fish?

Give the significance of Transgenic plants.


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