If P Gets Foreign and R Gets Human Resources, Then Which is Not a Valid Assignment of Agriculture and Rural Development? - Logical Reasoning


Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

The head of a newly formed Government desires to appoint five of the six elected ministers P, Q, R, S, T and U to portfolios of Foreign, Industry and Commerce, Agriculture, Rural Development and Human Resources. U does not want any portfolio if S gets one of the five. R wants either Foreign or Human Resources or no portfolio. Q says that if S gets Industry and Commerce or Rural Development then she must get the other one. T insists on a portfolio if P gets one.

If P gets Foreign and R gets Human Resources, then which is not a valid assignment of Agriculture and Rural Development?


  • S-Agriculture, Q-Rural Development

  • U-Agriculture, Q-Rural Development

  • Q-Agriculture, T- Rural Development

  • Q-Agriculture, S-Rural Development



Q-Agriculture, S-Rural Development


If P gets Foreign and R gets Human Resources, then  Q– Agriculture, S– Rural Development is not valid for assignment of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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