If Only One 'X' Chromosome is Found in a Female Person, Which of the Following Symptoms She Will Show? - Biology


If only one 'X' chromosome is found in a female person, which of the following symptoms she will show?

  1. epicanthal skin fold
  2. webbing of neck
  3. small testis and absence of spermatogenesis
  4. presence of simian crease on the palm


(b) Webbing of neck
A missing X chromosome leads to Turner’s syndrome. The symptoms in females are a receding lower jaw and a short webbed neck.

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What will be the phenotype of progeny, if a carrier haemophilic female marries a normal male?

Why are color-blindness and thalassaemia categorised as Mendelian disorders? Write the symptoms of these diseases seen in people suffering from them.

Identify 'a', 'b', 'c',’d’, 'e' and 'f' in the table given below:

No. Syndrome Cause Characteristics of  affected individuals Sex
1. Down's Trisomy of 21 'a' (i)
2. 'c' XXY Overall masculine
3. Turner's 45 with XO 'e' (i)

What is ‘syndrome’?

In which of the following disorders number of chromosomes present is 47?
(A) Turner’s syndrome
(B) Cushing’s syndrome
(C) Acquired Immuno - Deficiency Syndrome
(D) Down’s syndrome

During a medical investigation, an infant was found to possess an extra  chromosome-21. Describe the symptoms the child is likely to develop later in the life.

The genotype of a person withTumer's syndrome will be:
(i)   44+XXY
(ii)  44+XYY
(iii) 44+XO
(iv) 44+XXYY

Give the importance of heterocyst in cyanobateria.

What do sex linked traits appear in males than in females? 

Very Short Answer Question.

Give an example of a chromosomal disorder caused due to nondisjunction of autosomes.

In human beings 45 chromosomes/single X/XO abnormality causes ______.

Webbed neck is characteristic of ______ syndrome.

What is the reason for the 21st trisomy?

Mention the symptoms of Phenylketonuria.

Read the following statements and select the correct option.

i. Genetic disorders are broadly categorised as, Mendelian disorders and chromosomal disorders.

ii. Mendelian disorders are caused due to absence or excess of one or more chromosomes or their abnormal arrangement.

iii. Chromosomal disorders are mainly caused due to alteration or mutation in the gene.

Identify I and II in the given diagram of chromosome.

Thalassemia and sickle cell anaemia are caused due to a problem in globin molecule synthesis. Identify the correct statement from the following.

In Klinefelter syndrome, an extra chromosome is a result of non-disjunction of X-chromosome during ____________.

Following list indicates various genetic diseases. Identify the diseases that are not caused due to single gene defect.

Huntington's chorea, alkaptonuria, Sickle cell anaemia, Down syndrome, thalassemia, Taysachs disease, Turner syndrome, cystic fibrosis, haemophi Lia, Klinefelter syndrome, albinism

Identify the option that correctly represents the number of chromosomes in Down syndrome.

A short stature with webbing of neck and low posterior hairline indicates ______ syndrome.

In sickle-cell anaemia, shape of RBCs under oxygen tension becomes ______.

The most striking example of point mutation is found in a disease called ______.

Klinefelters’ syndrome is characterised by a karyotype of ______.

This abnormality occurs due to monosomy (2n - 1); the individual has 2n = 45 chromosomes with 44 + XO genotype.

Placed below is a karyotype of a human being.

On the basis of this karyotype, which of the following conclusions can be drawn: ______ 

Read the following and answer from given below:

Turner's syndrome is an example of monosomy. It is formed by the union of an allosome-free egg and a normal 'X' containing sperm or a normal egg and an allosome-free sperm. The individual has 2n = 45 chromosomes (44 + X0) instead of 46. Such individuals are sterile females who have rudimentary ovaries, underdeveloped breasts, small uterus, short stature, webbed neck, and abnormal intelligence. They may not menstruate or ovulate. This disorder can be treated by giving female sex hormones to women from the age of puberty to make them develop breasts and have menstruation. This makes them feel more normal.

Turner's syndrome is a/an ______ 

Which of the following is called as Royal disease?

Clotting of blood is to ______.

The practice of analyzing inheritance patterns in human beings is called ______

The technique exployed in human genetic counselling is:

“Genes contain the information that is required to express a particular trait.” Explain.

In Down's syndrome, karyotyping has shown that the disorder is associated with trisomy of chromosome number 21 usually due to ______.

Short stature in females, webbed neck absence of menstrual cycle and sterility are characteristics which of the following disease?

Select the correct match.

Why is thalassemia cotegorised as a Mendelian disorder? Write the symptoms and explain the causes of the disease. How does it differ from Sickle cell anaemia?

What is the genotype of Turner's Syndrome?

Mention any one symptom of Turner's syndrome.

Jacob is genetically a carrier of the disorder that affects the shape of the RBCs, as shown in the diagram below. His son James suffers from the same disorder.

Give the biochemical reason for the disorder that changes the shape of the RBCs, as shown above.

Jacob is genetically a carrier of the disorder that affects the shape of the RBCs, as shown in the diagram below. His son James suffers from the same disorder.

Draw a Punnett square to show the genotype of the mother of James.

Jacob is genetically a carrier of the disorder that affects the shape of the RBCs, as shown in the diagram below. His son James suffers from the same disorder.

Name and define the type of 'point mutation' responsible for this disorder.


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