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If the Mother is a Carrier of Colour Blindness and the Father is Normal, the Possible Genotype and Phenotype of the Offspring of the Next Generation, with the Help of a Punnet Square - Biology (Theory)

If the mother is a carrier of colour blindness and the father is normal, the possible genotype and
the phenotype of the offspring of the next generation, with the help of a punnet square

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Colour blindness is an X-linked recessive disorder

  • Mother is the carrier for colourblindness and Hence, the genotype of Mother must be XC X
  • Father is normal, hence the genotype of the father must be XY

By using punnet square, the possible genotypes and phenotypes in next generation will be

  X Y

Possible Genotypes - XCX, XCY, XX and XY

Possible Phenotypes -

XCX =  Carrier daughter

XCY =  Affected son

XX = Normal daughter

XY = Normal son

Concept: Deviations from Mendelism - Incomplete Dominance, Co-dominance, Multiple Alleles and Inheritance of Blood Groups, Pleiotropy
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