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If It is True that All Men Are Honest and All Politicians Are Men for Which Among the Following is It Impossible to Follow from the Given Premises? - Logical Reasoning


If it is true that All men are honest and All politicians are men for which among the following is it impossible to follow from the given premises?


  • Some politicians are not honest

  • All politicians are honest

  • One politician is honest

  • All honest persons are politicians

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Some politicians are not honest


A politician is a subset of Men and Men are a subset of Honest. Thus, the conclusions that can be drawn are 1. All politicians are honest 2. At least one politician is honest. All honest persons are politicians may or may not be true. Thus, 'All honest persons are politicians' is not a conclusion but a possibility. Therefore, other options are negated. But some politicians are not honest is neither a conclusion nor a possibility. It does not follow from the given premises.

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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