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If the Horizontal Force Needed for the Turn in the Previous Problem is to Be Supplied by the Normal Force by the Road, What Should Be the Proper Angle of Banking? - Physics


If the horizontal force needed for the turn in the previous problem is to be supplied by the normal force by the road, what should be the proper angle of banking?

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Speed of the scooter = v = 36 km/hr = 10 m/s
Radius of turn = r = 30 m 
Let the angle of banking be \[\theta\] 

 We have : 

\[\tan\theta = \frac{\text{v}^2}{\text{rg}}\]

\[\Rightarrow \tan\theta = \frac{100}{30 \times 10} = \frac{1}{3}\]

\[ \Rightarrow \theta = \tan^{- 1} \left( \frac{1}{3} \right)\]

Concept: Examples of Circular Motion (Vehicle on a Level Circular Road, Vehicle on a Banked Road)
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 7 Circular Motion
Q 5 | Page 114
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