If a Grasshopper is Eaten by a Frog, Then the Energy Transfer Will Be from : (A) Producer to Decomposer (B) Producer to Primary Consumer (C) Primary Consumer to Secondary Consumer (D) Secondary Consumer to Tertiary Consumer - Science

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If a grasshopper is eaten by a frog, then the energy transfer will be from :
(a) producer to decomposer
(b) producer to primary consumer
(c) primary consumer to secondary consumer
(d) secondary consumer to tertiary consumer

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primary consumer to secondary consumer
A grasshopper eats grass; hence, the grasshopper is the primary consumer. A frog eats the grasshopper, so the frog becomes the secondary consumer. The energy transfer is from the primary consumer to the secondary consumer, i.e., from the grasshopper to the frog.

Concept: Food Chain
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 5 Our Environment
Q 54 | Page 228
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