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If F is Ranked Third for a Given Week of the Study, Then Which One of the Following Could Also Be True of that Week? - Logical Reasoning

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The question is based on a set of conditions. Choose the response that most accurately and completely answer the question.

Mercotek carried out a study to compare the productivity of its night shift with that of its day shift Every week the company’s six crews–F, G, H, R, and T-were ranked first (most productive) to sixth (least productive). There were notices. For any given week, either G and T were the two night-shift crews or else S and H were- the four other crew(s) were-the the day-shift crews for that week.
The following relationships held for every week of the study:

F is more productive than G.
R is more productive than S.
R is more productive than T.
S is more productive than H. and G is more productive than T.

If F is ranked third for a given week of the study, then which one of the following could also be true of that week?


  • G ranks second

  • H ranks fourth

  • R ranks second

  • S ranks fourth

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H ranks fourth


Clearly, we know that three crews, S, T, and H are less  productive than R.   
So R is either ranked first or second.   
Also, G is less productive than the third-ranked crew F.   
So G must be in the bottom 3 ranks.   
If  R is in the second place, the bottom three positions will have 4 contenders, which is not true.   
`therefore` R is placed first.  Also, G and T are surely in the bottom three (since  F > G > T).   
Of the remaining, S > H.   
Thus, S will be ranked second and H will be in the bottom three. 

Concept: Problem Solving Ability (Entrance Exam)
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