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If the Capacitors in the Previous Question Are Joined in Parallel, the Capacitance and the Breakdown Voltage of the Combination Will Be - Physics


If the capacitors in the previous question are joined in parallel, the capacitance and the breakdown voltage of the combination will be


  • 2 C and 2 V

  • C and 2 V

  • 2 C and V

  • C and V.

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2C and V

In a parallel combination of capacitors, the potential difference across the capacitors remain the same, as the right-hand-side plates and the left-hand-side plates of both the capacitors are connected to the same terminals of the battery. Therefore, the potential remains the same, that is, V.

For the parallel combination of capacitors, the capacitance is given by 

`C_"eq" = C_1 + C_2`

Here , 

`C_1 = C_2 = C`

`therefore` `C_"eq" = 2C`

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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 9 Capacitors
MCQ | Q 3 | Page 164
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