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If All the Waste We Generate is Biodegradable, Will this Have No Impact on the Environment? - Science

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If all the waste we generate is biodegradable, will this have no impact on the environment?

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Solution 1

If all the waste generated would be biodegradable this will also create problem. As the numbers of decomposers will be quite low so wastes cannot be broken down into harmless simpler substance at right time. It will became breeding ground for flies causing spread of diseases. It will also emits foul smell which makes the life of people miserable.

Solution 2

Biodegradable wastes are decomposed by microorganisms into simpler substances themselves and provide raw materials for producers, but they also have adverse effects on the environment:

  • Slow decomposition of biodegradable waste will result in the release of foul smell and harmful gases. When inhaled by human beings, they may cause irritation, nausea, giddiness, etc.
  •  Decomposing waste provides breeding ground for some harmful organisms. Abundance of harmful microorganisms may cause diseases in animals, plants and human beings.
  • Increase in the number of microorganisms in aquatic medium will- cause oxygen deficiency in waterbodies.
Concept: Waste Separation Exercise
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NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 15 Our Environment
Q 8 | Page 265

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