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If 60% of the Potential Energy Available in a Waterfall is Converted into Heat Energy, Find the Height of the Waterfall, When the Temperature Difference Between the Top and the Bottom of the Fall - Physics

If 60% of the potential energy available in a waterfall is converted into heat energy, find the height of the waterfall, when the temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the fall is 0.210C (sp. Heat cap. Of water = 4200J/kgK).
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Given, Sp. heat capacity of water, s = 4200 J/KgK

Temperature difference, Δt = 0.21 °C

Let 'h' be the height of the waterfall and 'm' be the mass of water.

Then, P.E of the water = mgh

Given that, heat energy, H = 60% of P.E

or, 4200 x 0.21 = 0.6 x 10 x h 

or, h = `(4200 xx 0.21)/(0.6 xx 10) = 882/6` = 147 m

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Frank ICSE Class 10 Physics Part 2
Chapter 1 Force, Work, Energy and Power
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 60
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