Identify the Alternative Which Gives True Picture of the Relation Between the Arguments Listed Below: - Logical Reasoning


Identify the alternative which gives true picture of the relation between the arguments listed below:

1. A healthy society is characterized by the overall development of every section. As in the case of human body no organ is less prominent, so also in a society, no section is less important. If any human organ is sick, then the human being is sick. Similarly, if any section of society is sick, then the society is sick.

2. It is fallacious to think that priority to production of agricultural products alone promotes the prosperity of farmers. Prosperity has too many discussions. Transportation, communication, network, sound economic policy, to mention a few are equally important to the economic well-being of fanners. Hence they also deserve consideration.


  • These two are irrelevant

  • They are interdependent

  • They are analogous

  • They are compatible



They are analogous


The speaker brings out the importance of each organ to the human body, each section of the society to the whole society and each element of the economy to the whole economy in the same vein. So, they are analogous. Hence, 'They are analogous' is correct.

Concept: Statement and Arguments (Entrance Exam)
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