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Identify the Term, Their Coefficients for the Following Expression: a 2 + B 2 − a B - Mathematics

Answer in Brief

Identify the term, their coefficients for the following expression:

\[\frac{a}{2} + \frac{b}{2} - ab\]

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term in an algebraic expression can be a constant, a variable or a product of constants and variables separated by the signs of addition (+) or subtraction (\[-\] ) . Examples: 27, x, xyz, \[\frac{1}{2} x^2 yz\] etc.
The number factor of the term is called its coefficient.

The expression

\[\frac{a}{2} + \frac{b}{2} - ab\] consists of three terms , i.e.,​ 

\[\frac{a}{2}, \frac{b}{2} \text { and } - ab\]

The coefficient of  \[\frac{a}{2}\] is  \[\frac{1}{2}\].

The coefficient of \[\frac{b}{2}\] is \[\frac{1}{2}\], and the coefficient of \[- ab\] is \[-\]1.

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RD Sharma Class 8 Maths
Chapter 6 Algebraic Expressions and Identities
Exercise 6.1 | Q 1.5 | Page 2
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