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Identify the Reasons Which Led to the Chipko Movement in U.P. in Early 1970s. What Was the Impact of this Movement? - Political Science

Answer in Brief

Identify the reasons which led to the Chipko Movement in U.P. in early 1970s. What was the impact of this movement?

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1. The Chipko movement began in two or three villages of Uttarakhand on refusal of permission to villages to fell ash trees for making agricultural tools and allotted the same land to sports manufacturers for commercial uses.

2. The villagers protested against the practices of logging to be permitted by government.

3. Villagers used a novel tactic to hug the trees to protect them from being cut down.

Impact of movement :-

1. It soon spread across many parts of Uttarakhand and larger issues of ecological and economic exploitation were also raised.

2. Government issued a ban on felling of tress in Himalayan region for fifteen years until green cover was fully restored.

3. Active participation of women was also a very novel aspect of the movement.

4. This movement was started with a single issue but became symbol of many such popular movements emerging in different parts of country during 1970s.

Concept: nature of popular movements
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Politics in India since Independence
Chapter 7 Rise of Popular Movements
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 146
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