Identify the compounds 'A' and 'B' in the following equation - Chemistry


Identify the compounds 'A' and 'B' in the following equation:




    (Nitro ethane)



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How is ethyl amine prepared from methyl iodide?

How are propan-1-amine and propan-2-amine prepared from oxime?

Write a short note on Hoffmann bromamide degradation.

Write the chemical equations involved in the following reactions:(i) Hoffmann-bromamide degradation reaction

Illustrate the following reaction giving suitable example in each case:Gabriel phthalimide synthesis

An aromatic compound 'A' of molecular formula C7H7ON undergoes a series of reactions as shown below. Write the structures of A, B, C, D and E in the following reactions :

Accomplish the following conversions: Benzyl chloride to 2-phenylethanamine

Accomplish the following conversions: Benzamide to toluene

Give the structures of A, B and C in the following reaction:

Give the structures of A, B and C in the following reaction:

Give the structures of A, B and C in the following reactions:

Give the structures of A, B and C in the following reaction:

Give the structures of A, B and C in the following reaction.

Why cannot aromatic primary amines be prepared by Gabriel phthalimide synthesis?

Explain the mechanism of action of hydroiodic acid on 3-methylbutan-2-ol.

Mention 'two' uses of propan-2-one.

Identify 'A' and 'B' in the following reaction and rewrite the complete reaction :

Account for the following:
Gabriel phthalimide synthesis is not preferred for preparing aromatic primary amines.

Choose the most correct option.

Which of the following compounds will dissolve in aqueous NaOH after undergoing reaction with Hinsberg reagent?

Answer in one sentence.

Which amide does produce ethanamine by Hofmann bromamide degradation reaction?

Answer in one sentence.

Predict the product of the following reaction.

\[\ce{Nitrobenzene ->[Sn/conc.HCl]?}\]

Answer the following

Identify A and B in the following reactions.

\[\ce{C6H5CH2Br->[alco.][KCN]A ->[Na/ethanol]B.}\]

Answer the following

Write a reaction to convert acetic acid into methylamine.

Answer the following

Explain Gabriel phthalimide synthesis.

Answer the following

Explain the ammonolysis of alkyl halides.

Answer the following.

Write reactions to prepare ethanamine from Acetonitrile.

The following amines is the product of Gabriel phthalimide synthesis.

Mendius reaction is used to convert _____________

Name the process of breaking C-X bond by ammonia in preparation of amines.

Write the order of reactivity of alkyl halides with ammonia.

Write reactions to bring about the following conversions.

Acetamide to methylamine

Explain Hoffmann’s exhaustive alkylation with suitable reactions.

Write reactions for the preparation of ethanamine using Gabriel phthalimide synthesis.

Why cannot aniline be prepared by Gabriel phthalimide synthesis?

Acetamide on reduction using Na/C2H5OH gives ____________.

Alkyl cyanides on reduction by sodium and ethanol give primary amines. This reaction is called as ____________.

The end product C of the following reaction is

\[\ce{C2H5NH2 ->[HNO2] A ->[PCl5] B ->[NH3][Alcohol] C}\]

Identify the product obtained, when benzamide is treated with bromine and aqueous sodium hydroxide.

Identify the major product (B).

____________ can be prepared exclusively by Gabriel phthalimide synthesis.

What is the molar mass of the amine formed when acetamide undergoes Hofmann bromamide degradation?

Which of the following amines forms a clear solution when treated with benzene sulphonyl chloride and excess of potassium hydroxide?

Identify product B in the following reaction.

\[\ce{Aniline ->[NaNO2][HCl] A ->[KI] B}\]

Which of the following reactions does NOT yield an amine?

Given below are two statements labelled as Assertion (A) and Reason (R).

Assertion (A): Alkyl halides are insoluble in water.

Reason (R): Alkyl halides have halogen attached to sp3 hybrid carbon.

Select the most appropriate answer from the options given below:

The source of nitrogen in Gabriel synthesis of amines is ______.

How will you carry out the following conversion?

How will you carry out the following conversions?

Assertion: Only a small amount of \[\ce{HCl}\] is required in the reduction of nitro compounds with iron scrap and \[\ce{HCl}\] in the presence of steam.

Reason: \[\ce{FeCl2}\] formed gets hydrolysed to release \[\ce{HCl}\] during the reaction.

Describe Gabriel's phthalimide synthesis. (Give reaction)

Account for the following:

Aniline cannot be prepared by the ammonolysis of chlorobenzene under normal conditions.

The Gabriels' phthalimide synthesis is used in the synthesis of

A primary amine is formed by an amide on treatment with bromine and alkali. The primary amine has

The compound X is which of the following?

\[\ce{CH3CN ->[Na + C2H5OH] x}\]

Ethylamine can be prepared by the action of bromine and caustic potash on which compound?

Reduction of nitro alkanes yields which compound?

In the given reaction what is the X?

\phantom{}\ce{R - C - OH <-[H3O] Χ ->[H] RCH2NH2}

Acetamide and ethyl amide can be distinguished by reacting with.

Which of the following compound is expected to be most basic?

C6H5CONHCH3 can be converted into C6H5CH2NHCH3 by:-

When primary amines are treated with HCl, the product obtained is which of the following?

Which of the following CANNOT be prepared by ammonolysis of alkyl halide?

Which of the following compound gives pink colour on reaction with phthalic anhydride in cone. H2SO4 followed by treatment with NaOH?

Which of the following reaction DOES NOT involve Hoffmann bromamide degradation?

Methyl amine on reaction with chloroform in the presence of NaOH gives ______.

Which of the following amines can be prepared by Gabriel phthalimide reaction?

  1. Phenyl methenamine
  2. N, N - Dimethylaniline
  3. N - Methyl aniline
  4. Benzenamine

Choose the correct order of the basic nature of the above amines.

The amine 'A' when treated with nitrous acid gives yellow oily substance. The amine A is ______.

Which of the following statement(s) is/are incorrect in case of Hofmann bromamide degradation?

Write the name of the product formed by the action of LiAlH4/ether on acetamide.

Identify the compo ds A and B in the following reactions:

\[\ce{A ->[Nitrating mixture] B ->[(i) Sn/cone. HCI][(ii) NaOH] Aniline}\]

Identify A and B in the following reaction.

\[\ce{C6H5CH2Br ->[Alco.][KCN] A ->[Na/Ethanol][reduction] B}\]

Write the name of reduction product formed when ethyl cyanide is treated with sodium and alcohol.

Assertion: Amimonolysis of alkyl halides involves the reaction between alkyl halides and alcoholic ammonia.

Reason: Ammonolysis of alkyl halides produces secondary amines only.


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