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Identify Any Town Or City with Which You Are Familiar. Find Out Both the History of Its Growth and Its Contemporary Status. - Sociology

Answer in Brief

Identify any town or city with which you are familiar. Find out both the history of its growth and its contemporary status.

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Suppose we take the city Mumbai (Bombay) for the comparison process.

History of Bombay

  1.  Earlier Bombay was a group of seven islands and was under the control of Portuguese.
  2.  In 1661 the East India Company shifted its base from Surat to The Western Court of Bombay, immediately after gaining control from Portuguese due to the marriage of Portuguese princess with Britain's King Charles II.
  3.  In beginning, Bombay was a major outlet for cotton textile from Gujarat but in 19th century it became a major port from where the raw materials like cotton and opium were exported to Britain.
  4.  By the end of 19th century it became a major industrial centre.
  5.  In 1819 Bombay became the capital of Bombay Presidency and with the growth of trade in cotton and opium it attracted a large number of traders and bankers.
  6. In 1921 there were 85 cotton mills in Bombay, which employed almost 1,46,000 workers among which only one fourth were the local inhabitants and remaining were from outside majorly from Ratnagiri.
  7.  By the mid of 20th century Bombay dominated the maritime trade of India as well as it was junction head of two major Railways.

The present status of Bombay now called Mumbai is

  1.  It is the biggest and most crowded city of India and it is the Commercial and Financial Capital of India. Now-a-days it is also known as the Fashion Capital of India.
  2.  It is associated with Film Industry and is also called Mayapuri, which means "the city of wealth"
  3.  In present days also it attracts people from all over India because of its lifestyle, the film industry and the growing industrialisation in Mumbai.
  4. Mumbai attracts people from all the regions of India and so its land area is expanding almost every year
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NCERT Class 12 Sociology - Social Change and Development in India
Chapter 1 Structural Change
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 15
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