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(I) What is the Planning Region? (Ii) Mention Any Two Characteristics of a Planning Region. (Iii) Distinguish Between Multi-level Planning and Single-level Planning. - Geography

Short Note

(i) What is the Planning Region? 
(ii) Mention any two characteristics of a planning region.
(iii) Distinguish between multi-level planning and single-level planning.

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(i) A planning region is a self-created living organism, having a life which not only supports the life in the region but also radiates unifying forces that enable the region to be a unified regional space so as to facilitate the practice of regional planning.

(ii) Any two

  1. A planning region should neither be too big nor too small.
  2. The boundary should be flexible.
  3. There should be a natural cohesion.
  4. It should have economic harmony.
  5. There should be social harmony.
  6. Functional unity.


Multi-level Planning

  1. Planning for a variety of is regions that together form a system and subordinate system.
  2. The country is centralized.

Single level Plan

  1. Single-level Planning done at the national level.
  2. The process is divided into small territorial units.
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