I was annoyed ______ John for arriving late. - English

Fill in the Blanks

I was annoyed ______ John for arriving late.


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I was annoyed with John for arriving late.

Concept: Fill in the Blanks (Entrance Exams)
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Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Son, ——————! Research the company before you apply for the job. 

Pick the correct answer choice for filling the blank in the following sentences.

It is not possible to _________.

Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option.
The doctor advised him to go __________ several medical tests.

Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option:

I can't bear ___________ late.

Fill in the blank of the following sentence by using the most appropriate word from the options given below the sentence.
The drought has led to an _______________ in the cost of vegetables.

In the following question, three of four sentences, A, B, C, D as the case may be form a meaningful paragraph/flow of thought. One of the sentences is missing shown as _________ You have to find out from (A), (B), (C), or (D) which sentence would best fit the missing part.

  1. The country through which we had been travelling for days had an original beauty.
  2. The wide plains were diversified by stretches of hilly country with low passes.
  3. _____________________________
  4. We had had occasional showers of hail, but now the weather was mainly fine and warm.

Which of the following would best fit?

The president called upon politicians not to _______ themselves with communal and parochial forces.

The defending champion justified his top _______ by clinching the titile.

Fill in the blanks using the appropriate options.
The argument that the need for a looser fiscal policy to ________________ demand outweighs the need to _____________ budget deficits is persuasive.

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.
lf I __________ a more reliable car, I ________ to surat rather than fly.

Complete the sentence with a suitable word indicating your option for question:

The shower in the bathroom needs mending as it has started ________. 

Choose the correct option out of the four choices given.

Your conduct smacks __________ recklessness.

Fill in the blank:

Every, Shakespearean hero has an internal ______ in his character

Fill in the blank.

The tapeworm is an example of __________ organism, one that lives within or on another creature, deriving some or all its nutrients from its host. 

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word:

Angered by bureaucrat’s ___________ comments, the reporter insisted for a more ___________ response.

Complete the sentences on the right with appropriate compound nouns related to the two-word verbs used in the sentences on the left.

I. setbacks II. Tip-offs III. passers-by IV. Upbringing

1. The police were waiting for a. Harry had a very the thieves. Someone must strict _____ and was have tipped them off. glad to move away from his parents. 2. As I passed by her house, I b. The engine fault was could see people dancing in the latest of several —the front room. in the development of the car. 3. She was born and brought up c. We received several in central London. _____ that there would be an attempted break-out at the prison. 4. The injury has set back his d. The man was leaning chances of being fit to play out of the window, in the find shouting at ____ in the street below. 

Choose the best word to fill in the blanks.

Roshan acknowledges that late payment of rent will cause Ram, his landlord to (1)______ costs not contemplated by their Lease, the exact amount of which will be extremely difficult to (2)____. These costs include, but are not (3)_____ to, processing and accounting charges, and late charges which may be (4)____ on landlord by the terms of any Superior Leases and Mortgages. Accordingly, if any installment of Monthly Rent or payment of additional rent is not received by Ram or landlord’s assignee within fifteen days after the amount is (5)_____, Roshan shall pay to Ram a late charge equal to ten percent of said amount. Acceptance of late charges by Ram shall not constitute a waiver of Roshan’s default with respect to said amount, nor prevent Ram from (6)____ any of the other rights and remedies granted here under or at law or inequity.

1. (a) derive (b) acquire (c) collect (d) incur

2. (a)affirm (b) classify (c) ascertain (d) locate

3. (a) contained (b) limited (c) held (d) bound

4. (a) imposed (b) dictated (c) obliged (d) required

5. (a) owing (b) scheduled (c) due (d) unpaid

6. (a) practising (b) exercising (c) commanding (d) undertaking.

In the following sentence, there is a blank space. Below the sentence, there are four words Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

The new teacher loves poems and makes us______

In the following sentence, there are two blank spaces. Below the sentence, there are four pairs of words. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

French Government has said it will conduct a fourth search for the flight recorders of an Air France jetliner that ______ into the Atlantic Ocean while flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris 18 months _______

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Can we see ___(1)___the Earth is a globe? Yes, we can, when we watch a ship that sails out to sea. If we watch closely, we see that the ship begins ___(2)___ The bottom of the ship disappears first and then the ship seems to sink lower and lower, ___(3)___ we can only see the top of the ship and then we see nothing at all. What is hiding the ship from us? It is the Earth. Stick a pin most of the way into an orange and ___(4)__ turn the orange away from you. You will see the pin disappear, ___(5)___ a ship does on the Earth.

(a) if
(b) where
(c) that
(d) whether

(a) being disappeared
(b) to be disappeared
(c) to have disappeared
(d) to disappear

(a) until
(b) since
(c) after
(d) by the time

(a) reluctantly
(b) accidentally
(c) slowly
(d) passionately

(a) the same
(b) alike
(c) just as
(d) by the way

They had drinks ______ snacks beside fire.

He knelt at his side and comforted him with ______ words.

The fight for liberation brings ______ the best and the noblest qualities in mankind.

We must have ______ that these drugs are harmless.

In his first public comment, the President said with concern that the leak of classified information from the battlefield ''could potentially ______ individuals or operations".

Owing to the scare of the highly contagious disease widespread in the town ______.

All the children were asked to ______ carefully ______ the teacher was giving instructions.

The student did not pay ______ to the instructions that were given to her in class.

Eight scientists have ______ the national awards for outstanding contribution and dedication to the profession.

The main objective of this dedicated institution is to ______ poverty.


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