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State the Different Types of Neurons. - SSC (English Medium) Class 10th Board Exam - Science and Technology - 2

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State the different types of neurons.

Name different types of neurons and give one function of each.

Solution 1

There are three different types of neurons—sensory neuron, motor neuron and association neuron.

Solution 2

Types of Neurons as per their functions.

1) Sensory Neurons – transmits impulses towards CNS from sensory organ through their axons.

2) Motor Neurons – transmits impulses from CNS towards muscles or glands (effector organs)

3) Mixed Neurons – Consists of both afferent and efferent axons. Conducts both incoming sensory information and outgoing muscles commands in the same bundle

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Solution State the Different Types of Neurons. Concept: Human Nervous System.
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