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How Would a Social Learning Theorist Account for a Phobic Fear of Lizards/Cockroaches? How Would a Psychoanalyst Account for the Same Phobia? - Psychology

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Short Note

How would a social learning theorist account for a phobic fear of lizards/cockroaches? How would a psychoanalyst account for the same phobia?

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Systematic desensitisation is a technique introduced by Wolpe for treating phobias or irrational fears. The client is interviewed to elicit fear-provoking situations and together with the client, the therapist prepares a hierarchy of anxiety-provoking stimuli with the least anxiety-provoking stimuli at the bottom of the hierarchy. The therapist relaxes the client and asks the client to think about the least anxiety-provoking situation. The client is asked to stop thinking of the fearful situation if the slightest tension is felt. Over sessions, the client is able to imagine more severe fear-provoking situations while maintaining the relaxation. The client gets systematically desensitised to the fear.

Concept: Type of Therapies
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology
Chapter 5 Therapeutic Approaches
Exercise | Q 9 | Page 105
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