How Will You Manage the Litter During the Field Visit? - Geography

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Short Note

How will you manage the litter during the field visit?

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Solution 1

We will collect all the litter of the in-between journey in some pocket of our bag and will throw them wherever we will find the dustbin. We will reduce waste as much as possible. We will try not to make use of plastic bottles for water and will carry steel bottles and refill them at the stop.

Solution 2

  1. It is our social responsibility to ensure that the cleanliness and sanctity of the place of visit is not disturbed during our visit.
  2. So during the field visits, we must ensure that we do not throw trash or litter around us.
  3. We must use the dustbins for throwing empty packets of snacks, empty water bottles, left-over food items, etc. Also, we must try to segregate dry and wet waste.
  4. We must carry huge garbage bags so as to use them to collect trash in absence of a dustbin or if the dustbin is overflowing with garbage. This garbage bag can be disposed of later.
Concept: Preparations for Field Visits
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Chapter 1: Field Visit - Exercise [Page 8]

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