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How Will You Justify that Overcoming the Pollution is a Powerful Way of Environmental Management? - Science and Technology 2

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Answer in Brief

How will you justify that overcoming the pollution is a powerful way of environmental management?

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We know that the major cause of environmental damage is pollution. Pollution of air, water bodies, soil etc. all contribute to various environmental problems. The continuous increase in pollution has made the environment nearly unfit for us. This can largely be attributed to the rapid rate at which trees are being cut. In the absence of trees, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, adding to the problem of global warming. Moreover, the emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and other such gases, from vehicles and factories, is rapidly polluting the air making it even difficult to breathe.
Pollution of water bodies have resulted in the death of aquatic life and making most of the water bodies unfit for human and animal use.
All the above points highlight the fact that pollution is one of the causes of environmental degradation. Environmental management can help solve this issue by efficiently managing the problems associated with pollution. We need to remember that nature is a treasure which needs to be preserved for our own survival. If we do not pay attention to this problem and make efforts to preserve our environment, this wonderful earth would soon cease to exist.

Concept: Environmental Conservation
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