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How Was the Mahalwari System Different from the Permanent Settlement? - Social Science

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Short Note

How was the mahalwari system different from the Permanent Settlement?

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Mahalwari Settlement

Permanent Settlement

The mahalwari system, devised by Holt Mackenzie, came into effect in 1822, in the North Western provinces of the Bengal Presidency.

The Permanent Settlement was introduced in 1793 by Lord Cornwallis.

It was devised as an alternative to the Permanent Settlement.

It was aimed at ensuring stable revenue for the East India Company.

The village headmen were in charge of collecting revenue.

The rajas and taluqdars were in charge of collecting revenue.

The revenue amount was not fixed, and was to be revised periodically. The estimated revenue of each plot within a village was added up to calculate the revenue that each village or mahal had to pay.

The revenue amount was fixed and was never to be increased in the future.

Concept: The Company Becomes the Diwan
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NCERT Class 8 Social Science History - Our Pasts 3
Chapter 3 Ruling the Countryside
Let's Discuss | Q 4 | Page 38
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