Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 9th
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How was Feudalism organized in the Middle Ages? - Social Science

Short Note

How was Feudalism organized in the Middle Ages?

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  1. The king was at the head of the feudal regime.
  2. Next to him were the great nobles, known as dukes, counts, earls.
  3. The relationship was one of a vassal.
  4. The nobles in turn had vassals of their own, dividing and distributing their fief to lesser nobles called viscounts or barons.
  5. Last in this order were the knights, whose fiefs could not be divided.
  6. At the bottom were the villeins or serfs.

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Samacheer Kalvi Social Science Class 9th Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 1.06 The Middle Ages
Exercise | Q V. 3 | Page 86
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