How Was the Fate of Amravati Stupa Different from the Sanchi Stupa? - History


How was the fate of Amravati Stupa different from the Sanchi Stupa?



The Amravati stupa was discovered much before the Sanchi stupa. At that time, the scholars and British officers did not realise how important it was to preserve things at their original places. Many slabs from the stupa at Amravati were taken to the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Kolkata, to the India Office, Chennai, and some even to London. When the Sanchi stupa was discovered, three of its four gateways were still intact. The recommendable work done by the begums of Bhopal helped in preserving the Sanchi stupa. They provided money for the preservation of the monument and sponsored the volumes written on the stupa by John Marshall. Their active work helped in the preservation of the Sanchi stupa.

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