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How is Training in an Organisation Beneficial ‘For Employees’? State by Giving Any Four Reasons. - Business Studies

How is training in an organisation beneficial ‘for employees’? State by giving any four reasons.

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Training refers to enhancing the skills and abilities necessary for a specific job. In other words, it attempts at improving the aptitude and knowledge of employees according to the requirements of the specific job.

Benefits to the Employee

1) Better Career Opportunities: Training helps in improving the knowledge of the employee which in turn helps in improving his career prospects.

2) Earn More: By helping individuals to improve their knowledge and skills, training improves the earning prospects of employees.

3) Less Accident Prone: With proper training, employees become more efficient in handling complex machines. This helps in reducing the chances of an accident.

4) Self-confidence: By increasing the knowledge, skills and aptitude of employees, training helps in boosting self-confidence, which in turn helps in improving job satisfaction.

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