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How Should a Political Party Resolve Its Internal Differences? Here Are Some Suggestions. Think of Each and List Out Their Advantages and Shortcomings? - Political Science

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Answer in Brief

 How should a political party resolve its internal differences? Here are some suggestions. Think of each and list out their advantages and shortcomings?

  1. Follow the footsteps of the party president
  2. Listen to the majority group
  3. Secret ballot voting on every issue
  4. Consult the senior and experienced leaders of the party
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  1.  Advantage: If the party follows the footsteps of the party president, there will be discipline and unity within the party.
    Shortcoming: The party president can take its decision without taking into consideration the views of its party members. So, the inner democracy may get weakened.
  2. Advantage: If the party listens to the majority group, there will be more confidence among the party members and inner democracy will be strengthened.
    Shortcoming: If the party listens to the majority group, factionalism may increase in the party. One faction may try to back another faction to gather support.
  3. Advantage: Secret ballot voting is an appropriate system. It is more democratic. Through it, any member can express his views.
    Shortcoming: Sometimes, the party members may vote through secret ballot by ignoring the whip of the party issued by the party president. It may prove fatal to the party.
  4. Advantage: The novice and less experienced candidates will be benefited if they consult the senior and experienced leaders of the party and also follow their guidelines.
    Shortcoming: If the party members only consult the senior and experienced leaders and follow their guidelines, their hold will get strengthened in the party.
Concept: Split in the Congress
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NCERT Class 12 Political Science - Politics in India since Independence
Chapter 5 challenges to and restoration of the congress system
Exercise | Q 5 | Page 100
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