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How is 'Oogenesis' Markedly Different from 'Spermatogenesis' with Respect to the Growth Till Puberty in the Humans? - Biology

How is 'oogenesis' markedly different from 'spermatogenesis' with respect to the growth till puberty in the humans?

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It is the process by which sperms are formed from the sperm mother cell in males
It is the process by which ovum is formed from the oogonia in females
After the second meiotic divisions in a single spermatogonium, 4 spermatids are obtained, which undergo maturation to form 4 sperm cells, or spermatozoa
After the second meiotic divisions in the single oogonium, only one ovum and three polar bodies are obtained.
Spermatogenesis occurs in males from puberty almost until death.
In females, oogenesis starts before birth and occurs until menopause.
Concept: Gametogenesis
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