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How Much Energy is Required to Ionise a H Atom If the Electron Occupies N = 5 Orbit? Compare Your Answer with the Ionization Enthalpy of H Atom (Energy Required to Remove the Electron from N =1 Orbit). - Chemistry

How much energy is required to ionise an H atom if the electron occupies n = 5 orbit? Compare your answer with the ionization enthalpy of H atom (energy required to remove the electron from n =1 orbit).

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The expression of energy is given by,

`E_n = (-(2.18xx10^(-18))Z^2)/n^2`


Z = atomic number of the atom

n = principal quantum number

For ionization from n1 = 5 to `n_2 = oo`

`triangleE = E_(oo) -  E_5`


`= (2.18xx10^(-18)J)(1/((5)^2))`       (Since `1/oo = 0`)

`= 0.0872 xx 10^(-18) J`

`triangle E = 8.72 xx 10^(-20) J`

Hence, the energy required for ionization from n = 5 to n = `oo` is 8.72 × 10–20 J.

Energy required for n1 = 1 to n = `oo`

`triangleE' = E_(oo) - E_1`

`= [{(-(2.18xx10^(-18))(1)^2)/(oo)^2}-{(-(2.18xx10^(-18))(1)^2)/(1)^2}]`

`= (2.18 xx 10^(-18)) [1 - 0]`

`= 2.18 xx 10^(-18) J`

Hence, less energy is required to ionize an electron in the 5th orbital of hydrogen atom as compared to that in the ground state.

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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 2 Structure of Atom
Q 14 | Page 66
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