How is Methoxyethane Prepared from : Methyl Iodide - Chemistry

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How is Methoxyethane prepared from : Methyl iodide

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Methoxyethane, also known as ethyl methyl ether, is an ethyl group with a bonded methoxy. Methoxyethane is a colourless gaseous ether with a medicine-like odour. It is extremely flammable, and its inhalation may cause asphyxiation or dizziness. As a Lewis base, it can react with Lewis acids to form salts and reacts violently with oxidizing agents. 

a) Preparation of Dimethyl ether (Methoxymethane) from methyl iodide : When methyl iodide is heated with alcoholic sodium methoxide, it gives dimethyl ether.  

Concept: Ethers - Physical and Chemical Properties of ether
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