How Many Structural Isomers Can You Draw for Pentane? - Science


 How many structural isomers can you draw for pentane?



Three structural isomers are possible for pentane.

(1) CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3





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Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds - Intext Questions [Page 68]


NCERT Science Class 10
Chapter 4 Carbon and its Compounds
Intext Questions | Q 1 | Page 68

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Give any two differences between alkanes and alkenes.

‘A’ is an element having four electrons in its outermost orbit. An allotropes ‘B’ of this element is used as a dry lubricant in machinery and in pencil leads. So:
i. Write the name of element ‘A’ and its allotropes.
ii. State whether ‘B’ is a good conductor or non-conductor of electricity?

Define Saturated hydrocarbon.

Define Unsaturated hydrocarbon.

Define Catenation.

Write the number of covalent bonds in the molecule of ethane.

Explain in brief two main reasons for carbon forming a large number of compounds.

Draw the electron dot structures for ethanoic acid

Write a short note on Catenation.

You are given the following molecular formulae of some hydrocarbons:
C5H8; C7H14; C6H6; C5H10; C7H12; C6H12

Which two formulae represent unsaturated hydrocarbons having triple bonds?

Name the reaction which is usually used in the conversion of vegetables oils to fats. Explain the reaction involved in detail. Write a chemical equation to illustrate your answer.

What are hydrocarbons? Write the general formula of (i) saturated hydrocarbons, and (ii) unsaturated hydrocarbons and draw the structure of one hydrocarbon of each type. How can an unsaturated hydrocarbon be made saturated?

Fill in the blanks and rewrite the completed statements:

The organic compounds having double or triple bond in them are termed as _________________   _________________.

Explain the following reaction with balanced chemical equation:
Calcium reacts with water. 

Structural formula of ethyne is

A compound X is formed by the reaction of a carboxylic acid C2H4O2 and an alcohol in presence of a few drops of H2SO4. The alcohol on oxidation with alkaline KMnO4 followed by acidification gives the same carboxylic acid as used in this reaction. Give the names and structures of

  1. carboxylic acid
  2. alcohol and
  3. the compound X.
    Also write the reaction.

What is the role of metal or reagents written on arrows in the given chemical reactions?

  1. \[\begin{array}{cc}
    \ce{C} = \ce{C} + \ce{H2} \overset{\ce{Ni}}{\rightarrow} \ce{CH3 - C - C - CH3}\\
  2. \[\ce{CH3COOH + CH3CH2OH \overset{\ce{Conc. H2SO4}}{\rightarrow}CH3COOC2H5 + H2O}\]
  3. \[\ce{CH3CH2OH}\ce{->[Alk.KMnO4][Heat]CH3COOH}\]

  1. Write the name and draw the structure of a saturated hydrocarbon with four carbon atoms.
  2. Write the number of single covalent bonds present in this compound.


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